Feel Better Fit

Feel Better Fit

Friday, September 6, 2013

Love Your Body

I just think it needs to be said: Bodies are amazing and people are amazing in all different shapes and sizes! Fitness isn't skinny, nor is it buff. It's well being in all its forms. Seeing what a body is capable of athletically is exciting to me in the same way that I'm amazed seeing my 18 month old grandson dance like he's an MTV star, never missing a beat and giving me all his newest moves. People are amazing!

I have met in life, a few too many people who objectify others; ie: treat them as objects they might gain something from, sizing them up, rather than seeing them as amazing individuals to share life's experiences with, learn from and bond with. And, of course, as a trainer, I meet a lot of confused people who have been scarred by others objectifying them and destroying their self confidence...leaving them feeling never quite good enough. I've personally battled others' demons thrust upon me to devalue me and I've overcome! You can too!

You're beautiful! -Inside and out! Now love your self and take care of your "machinery" so you can love others with all you've got! Love your jiggles and wiggles too! Love your curves and huggable parts! And if you don't have any of those, love what you do have! Enjoy the piece of art that you are! Embellish it if you so choose to! Appreciate all the other "art" around you!

Message me if you need some level headed fitness direction! This is my passion: To help others improve their lives!

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Celebrate Success!
Learn From Mistakes!
Keep Going Forward!

Feel Better Fit!