Feel Better Fit

Feel Better Fit

Saturday, June 9, 2012

All is well with my soul

Beautiful, PERFECT, peaceful moment on my porch swing, getting great messages from Silvana abut how well they are doing; I have this huge...."aaahhhh...it's finished" feeling. All is well, at last! What a year!
With all three of my married children giving me my first three grandsons, there has been tons of excitement, planning, parties, pregnant ailments...etc. But as silently as I could, I've f...ought many concerns and worries. I guess that's one of Grandma's jobs.
I won't list all the mini crises and well founded concerns, we all experienced as a family building a new generation. Suffice it to say, "It is well with my soul!" I have three beautiful mommies and grandsons. three proud, responsible, loving daddies to care for them and an unspeakable joy pouring out of my heart for how beautifully we are all blessed!
A brand new journey has started now and I can definitely say, these three little wonders, Saul, Abel and Silas have cemented together our family bonds in amazing new ways! I'm filled with a new excitement now at the crazy, fun filled days ahead for my ever growing MASSIVE family! I think we have successfully given sustenance to the term so many have applied to us, "The Raposo (n now, Malove) Clan!See More

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